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he Livasy Family
Erin, Matt, Mark, Josh and Vicki



Welcome to DLA Graphics, located in Central Illinois.

Let me introduce myself.  I am a woman who loves family, my horses, my dogs, everything around me!  Not many people get to live their dream, but I am doing just that!  I have a wonderful family, my husband Mark, is the love of my life! We've been married for more than 30 years!

Martini, me, Mark

I have a background in graphic arts and spent 15 years in the printing industry designing logos and setting up business cards, forms, etc.  When we got into horses, I wanted a web site to sell and show my horses, but wanted to do it myself.  With Frontpage and Adobe Photoshop, I began putting together my web site.  I had such a good time doing it, that I started doing sites for other people. For 10 years, I have been building and maintaining sites for some wonderful people.  I really enjoy the graphics part of it...making special things that make a web site stand out.  Anyone can put a web site together, but what I give you is something different!  By talking to my customers and seeking out their tastes, I can give you a site that expresses "you!"



Together, Mark and I have three great children!  The oldest, Josh lives in Tennessee after graduating from Illinois State University.  He manages a climbing gym in Nashville and enjoys the outdoor, bouldering and climbing.  Josh's other interests are drawing.  He is such a talented young man and I am in awe of his abilities!



Our middle son, Matt is finishing up his last year of graduate school in Collinsville, IL after graduating from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville.  His degree is in counseling and he works so well with children!  Matt also enjoys playing the guitar.  We call him our one man band!  Working with several guitars, percussion instruments and loop machines...Matt is amazing!  You can hear some of his songs on his website,



Our youngest child is Erin!  Erin graduated from the University of Illinois and is now in graduate school getting her MBA.  She also works at Stifel Nicolaus working towards getting her stock broker's license.  Her love in life is her horse, LB!  Erin enjoys showing horses with me!  She loves English riding the best and showing halter!  She is the one who shares the love of horses with me!  We have such a great time going to shows!!


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Besides our children, we own 18 horses--AQHA Quarter Horses and APHA Paint Horses.  We stand four world caliber stallions and breed them to outside mares and our mares.  Mark and I have worked hard to find well balanced, world champion bloodlines!  You can see our horses at .  It is a big site, so take your time going through it!

Our farm, Double L Acres.



We also have Siberian Huskies!  Breeding the best of the lines to the best, we have great dogs.
One breeding male and 4 breeding females.  You can see all of them at .  As you can see, our life is full!

Our huskies!



My baby, Martini!  I was such a tomboy as a child and didn't play with dolls too much.  I guess in my older age, I have decided having something to dress up and cuddle is a very nice thing!  Martini is my 4 pound Maltese wonder!  Wherever I go, she goes!



Thank you for taking the time to let me brag about my wonderful family and animals!  I am truly a blessed person!  I hope you will give me the chance to make a dream of yours come true by designing a web site for you that reflects who you are!





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